Dear life,
Why do people die?
As I lie on my bed at 3:00 am writing this letter
I wonder,
This never ending mystery behind death
The limited edition of this elixir of life.
How does it takes you one click,
Just one click on that clock
Hanging on that wall in this abstract world
One click to suck the breath out of a soul
One click to press the delete button
One click to restart again,
All over again
And there goes an entire library
Straight into trash
Of memories, of moments
Of happiness, of grief
The never heard stories, which will never ever be heard now
The idea of death, scares me to death
The thought of losing a loved one,
Threatens my soul
Am I just too weak to face this harsh reality?
Am I not strong enough to accept the expected?
Death is inevitable, they say
They must be right.
But memories don’t die, moments don’t die
How do I face the memories without its body?
How do I remember the moments without its origin?
These midnight questions don’t let me sleep
The questions with no answers, just vague assumptions.


Run Away

Let’s run away somewhere
To a place unknown
Away from the citylights
Away from this chaos
Where nobody knows your name
Nobody wants to know either
A place far away
Where you spread your wings wide
And fly around the blue
Reaching heights, reaching corners
You’ve never been before
Where you can run long miles
And never be found
You wander around carefree
Like you’ve never done before
Where you can finally break free
From those ruthless chains
Which restrained you for years
To breathe, to live
Let’s run away somewhere
Without a plan, without a map
Let’s run away somewhere
Anywhere, but not here.

What is Life?

By the grave I saw the sun, the brightest star descending beneath the horizon. The subtle saffron hues mourning the death of a day and yet it awaits the birth of another. Afterall, this is what life is isn’t it?

Digging a little, I find the remains. Buildings, offices, people and things. Hands and legs of yet another important day in history. Hmm, so these are things which define life, isn’t it?

I continue my quest, digging a little deeper. My thirst still screaming to unravel the mystery. And there I see those little balls of survival. Work, vacations, parties and meetings. Essential components to function yet another important day in history. So these keep life running, isn’t it?

Darkness now engulfs me in its arms. I know I’m somewhere deeper now and then I see those shimmering lights. Conversations and emotions, love and fights, kisses and cuddles, anger and agony. Okay, this must be what life is about, isn’t it?

I think I’ve reached the rock bottom now. One last dig and there I stood. What do I see? Void. A black void of space. Water filling in from beneath. Peeking in I see something. My faint reflection on that thin sheet of water. But wait, so is this what life is? Me?

Those enigmatic eyes bedazzled me. I asked again, what is the ultimate purpose of life? Silence. All I see is myself. I looked helplessly seeking for answers. But eventually it somehow dawned upon me, the answer somewhere lies within me.

Rainbow In The Moonlight

Wafting into the darkness,
I looked at the daunting lune
Emblazoned with shades of black and grey,
It shivered my silent soul.
Scarred cheeks, teary eyes,
Fragile heart with a pinch of melancholy
I looked at myself on that piece of glass,
Perfecting my imperfections.
For I saw myself through the eyes of the world,
The judgmental world.
Mindless chatter, endless assumptions
Self-doubt over powering me
I looked around with a simple desire-
Seclusion, seperation, solitude.
Lot to say, but nothing said.
Lot to leave, but nothing left.
Until that one fine day,
When the wisdom of heart showered upon me
Blurry visions took a sharp, new turn
My eyes gazed at me with the eyes of my soul.
Kissed my wounds, embraced my scars
The mountain peak whispered my name.
Began my climb towards the top,
Forgotten fear was lost in the dark.
Vowed to the universe, will never look back
Will heal the scars, will wipe the tears.
Will bid adieu to the old self,
Gone, vanished, forever.
So I set ahead towards my dream
Eyes not closed, rather open
And wafting into the darkness,
I looked at the daunting lune
Emblazoned with shades of black and grey,
Somehow, it didn’t shiver my soul anymore.
For now I looked above and could finally see,
Rising in the mist-
A rainbow in the moonlight.

यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा 

फिर ना जाने कब यह लम्हा आएगा

हँसते हँसते आँखों में आँसू दे जाऐगा

यादों के पन्नों पर छप कर रह जाएगा

क्योंकि जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा


उस ढलते सूरज के प्रकाश जैसे

उस अग्नि की उठती अलाव जैसे

चारों ओर रोशनी बिखेरकर,

खुद ही अंधकार में खो सा जाएगा

और जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा


जिंदगी में अचानक एक तूफान बनकर भी आएगा

दिल के हर कोने में तबाही मचा जाएगा

सोच भी ना पाओगे की कब यह शांत होगा

और कब धीरे-धीरे यह वक्त गुजर जाएगा


इस कमजोर दिल पर एक गहरा निशान छोड़ जाएगा

खुद के वजूद का ऐहसास करा जाएगा

जिंदगी के दौड़ में एक कठिन सबक सिखा जाएगा

पर, यह वक्त भी जल्द ही गुज़र जाएगा

यह वक्त भी जल्द ही गुज़र जाएगा…


This daylight will soon fade away

And the night will be crowned a king,

Yet once again.

Time will accomplish its day long journey

And the clock will strike midnight,

Yet once again.

The barren land will quench its thirst

And the early rain will kiss the earth,

Yet once again.

The branches will turn lush green

And the trees won’t shed those crimson leaves,

Yet once again.

The blowing wind will whisper in our ears

Life is a journey, there’s nothing to fear.

Nothing in this world is written in stone

So all this agony will soon be gone.

Just hold your breath and wait for that day

And wear that smile,

Yet once again.



 I looked into those solicitous eyes

And heard the words they spoke

The words that craved for my prosperity

Nothing more, nothing less.

I saw that smile that flickered on those lips,

And felt the warmth and love it portrayed

The warmth that lighted the candles in my life

Candles that glowed forever.

I looked at those affectionate hands

And admired their modus operandi

The support that defogged my road to victory

The road that helped me fly.

I was looking at that face that reflected back

As light gleamed on that glistening glass

Of the mirror infront of me,

And finally I realized that I’ve found my

Best friend, forever.

The Rain


It started raining heavily when I was at the farm

The peacock began dancing, What a beauty! What a charm!

With wings spread wide it welcomed the rain

As the drops fell on the ground, on that rugged terrain

The birds began singing and chirping around

So soothing, so beautiful was that merry sound

The grasses bathed happily, the flowers bloomed with joy

The frogs by the roads were ready to enjoy

But people here and there rushed to the wood shed

Worried about their clothes, in a second they fled

Didn’t they see the beauty of that refreshing rain?

Those gentle drops of water, why did they disdain?

After all for every triumphant smile, you have to bear the pain

And for every perfect rainbow, you have to see the rain.