Rainbow In The Moonlight

Wafting into the darkness,
I looked at the daunting lune
Emblazoned with shades of black and grey,
It shivered my silent soul.
Scarred cheeks, teary eyes,
Fragile heart with a pinch of melancholy
I looked at myself on that piece of glass,
Perfecting my imperfections.
For I saw myself through the eyes of the world,
The judgmental world.
Mindless chatter, endless assumptions
Self-doubt over powering me
I looked around with a simple desire-
Seclusion, seperation, solitude.
Lot to say, but nothing said.
Lot to leave, but nothing left.
Until that one fine day,
When the wisdom of heart showered upon me
Blurry visions took a sharp, new turn
My eyes gazed at me with the eyes of my soul.
Kissed my wounds, embraced my scars
The mountain peak whispered my name.
Began my climb towards the top,
Forgotten fear was lost in the dark.
Vowed to the universe, will never look back
Will heal the scars, will wipe the tears.
Will bid adieu to the old self,
Gone, vanished, forever.
So I set ahead towards my dream
Eyes not closed, rather open
And wafting into the darkness,
I looked at the daunting lune
Emblazoned with shades of black and grey,
Somehow, it didn’t shiver my soul anymore.
For now I looked above and could finally see,
Rising in the mist-
A rainbow in the moonlight.


यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा 

फिर ना जाने कब यह लम्हा आएगा

हँसते हँसते आँखों में आँसू दे जाऐगा

यादों के पन्नों पर छप कर रह जाएगा

क्योंकि जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा


उस ढलते सूरज के प्रकाश जैसे

उस अग्नि की उठती अलाव जैसे

चारों ओर रोशनी बिखेरकर,

खुद ही अंधकार में खो सा जाएगा

और जल्द ही यह वक्त गुज़र जाएगा


जिंदगी में अचानक एक तूफान बनकर भी आएगा

दिल के हर कोने में तबाही मचा जाएगा

सोच भी ना पाओगे की कब यह शांत होगा

और कब धीरे-धीरे यह वक्त गुजर जाएगा


इस कमजोर दिल पर एक गहरा निशान छोड़ जाएगा

खुद के वजूद का ऐहसास करा जाएगा

जिंदगी के दौड़ में एक कठिन सबक सिखा जाएगा

पर, यह वक्त भी जल्द ही गुज़र जाएगा

यह वक्त भी जल्द ही गुज़र जाएगा…


This daylight will soon fade away

And the night will be crowned a king,

Yet once again.

Time will accomplish its day long journey

And the clock will strike midnight,

Yet once again.

The barren land will quench its thirst

And the early rain will kiss the earth,

Yet once again.

The branches will turn lush green

And the trees won’t shed those crimson leaves,

Yet once again.

The blowing wind will whisper in our ears

Life is a journey, there’s nothing to fear.

Nothing in this world is written in stone

So all this agony will soon be gone.

Just hold your breath and wait for that day

And wear that smile,

Yet once again.



 I looked into those solicitous eyes

And heard the words they spoke

The words that craved for my prosperity

Nothing more, nothing less.

I saw that smile that flickered on those lips,

And felt the warmth and love it portrayed

The warmth that lighted the candles in my life

Candles that glowed forever.

I looked at those affectionate hands

And admired their modus operandi

The support that defogged my road to victory

The road that helped me fly.

I was looking at that face that reflected back

As light gleamed on that glistening glass

Of the mirror infront of me,

And finally I realized that I’ve found my

Best friend, forever.

The Rain


It started raining heavily when I was at the farm

The peacock began dancing, What a beauty! What a charm!

With wings spread wide it welcomed the rain

As the drops fell on the ground, on that rugged terrain


The birds began singing and chirping around

So soothing, so beautiful was that merry sound

The grasses bathed happily, the flowers bloomed with joy

The frogs by the roads were ready to enjoy


But people here and there rushed to the wood shed

Worried about their clothes, in a second they fled

Didn’t they see the beauty of that refreshing rain?

Those gentle drops of water, why did they disdain?


After all for every triumphant smile, you have to bear the pain

And for every perfect rainbow, you have to see the rain.




You’ll start feeling the pressure on your mind

And this harsh reality will make you blind

The clouds above your head will roar wild

You’ll feel like a lost innocent child

Your heart will be filled with grief and pain

There would be nothing to lose and nothing to gain

The sun won’t rise, the moon won’t shine

Your graph of emotions won’t be a straight line

And life will become so cruel and unkind

That not even a single bit of peace you’ll find

So the day when life fills your heart with such fear

Just wink at it and say “Try me, dear”.

Questions To God


Sitting under the blanket of stars

I asked God,

“So many flowers in this universe garden,

Why did you bless just Earth with fruits?”

He smiled and replied, “My dear child

I sowed the seeds in all of them,

It was your Earth who nurtured and grew.”

Walking through the valleys

I wondered and asked,

“Why does the mountain sits at your head,

While the eternal river just washes your foot?”

Again he smiled and then replied,

“The mountain asks you to fly high in the sky,

While the river reminds you to remember your roots.”

Going through the phase full of suffering

Frustrated with life, I asked Him

“So many people, so many souls,

Then for all the pain why just me?”

He paused for a moment and then replied,

“Happiness surrounds you and so does agony

It depends on you what you wish to see.”

The Unfaithful Faith


The jokes they shared, the way he teased

Gushed through her heart like a gentle, cool breeze

The conversations had drowned in the pool of misunderstandings

So did the togetherness that once seemed longstanding


The world is meant to work this way

In a second it creates, in a second it slays

One moment you’re flying in the vast, serene sky

Another you realize even the darkness has denied


Now she lays alone on that hospital bed

Can’t save you anymore, even the doctors have said

All the approaches have gone in vain

She’s now just left with a heart full of pain


But she still stands in a hope that one day he’ll arrive

And this Unfaithful Faith yet somehow keeps her alive.

Two Friends 

Two bowls to eat, with a single spoon
Two planets to see, with a single moon

Two paths to walk, with a single goal
Two bodies to nurture with a single soul

Two different sentiments, with that same feel
Two different agreements, but a single deal

Two distinct emotions, in that same heart
Two beautiful souls that’ll never be apart

This is the amiable relationship
That they call as friendship.