Growing Up


We entered this world crying in our mother’s arms unaware about what the future has planned for us. People say that time flies like anything when you’re having fun. Yes, it did. So here are my words I wrote around two years ago about it —

Fourteen years back I was an innocent little girl

Unaware of the world, but curious to learn

Laughing and crying in my mother’s lap

Marching forward in life and tracing its map


Twelve years back, I was a naughty young girl

Observing the world new things I would learn

At that point of time, I knew nothing but fun

Running, jumping and playing in the sun


Ten years back, my life moved on

Four years had passed since I was born

Time had come to go to school

To get my books and all my new tools


Six years back, school became more serious

The thirst for knowledge made me more curious

Tests and home-works were now a part of me

My coming future I was eager to see


And now I am a fourteen-year-old student

Ready to take challenges, standing proud and confident

Understanding this world with more clarity now

Trying to figure out things and asking what, why and how


Years have passed but there are more good things to come

All the hurdles and obstacles I’m ready to overcome

I hope I’ll be a successful woman ahead

Touching the sky of victory and flying like a jet.


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