In The Lap Of Nature

Beautiful Nature Photography Wallpaper Wide Awesome -

 I walk among the leafy trees

And see them flowing in the breeze

They teach me to do good deeds

Even if the world destroy you for its needs


I see those little birds chirping around

And listen to their merry sound

They inspire me to fly high and aim for the stars

No matter how small you are


Look at that sun shining bright

Giving out its luminous light

It says spread your knowledge as much as you can

And make sure it reaches each and every man


I see that mountain standing there

Full of confidence, having no fear

It teaches me to be fearless and to fight for your rights

Never lose hope, you’ll surely reach dizzy heights


Down the mountain flows the eternal river

Overcoming every obstacle just look at her endeavors

She says the world doesn’t serves everything on a platter

Go on, work hard because every second matters


I see these parts of nature around me

Who pray for me, who care for me

And I learn that, whatever nature gives you take it with a smile

Learning good things from it will help you to walk happily for miles


2 thoughts on “In The Lap Of Nature

  1. If anyone really wants to be in a picturesque place, in Nature’s abode, all he/she needs to do is read this poem.
    That’s a money saving strategy you provide us. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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