Journey Of The Ship


And the ship sailed off with tears of joy

And off it went from the island of dreams

The vast sea ahead opened its arms

And welcomed it as the morning sun beams


The passengers rejoiced, laughed and smiled

They excitedly planned their journey ahead

But I wonder if they knew, the island behind

It’s charm, it’s beauty they’ll hardly forget


And ship sailed on, on and on

Into the deepness of the vast sea

But journey wasn’t ready to be so easy

What was waiting ahead, was as hard as it could be


And then the ship entered the dark storm

Surrounded by those clouds, that thunder, that lightening

Then that heavy downpour and those large waves

All of it was very very frightening


The ship moved up, then down and up

Completely influenced by those large waves

It was then the passengers took the wheel

They were the masters not the slaves


And whoa! They tried to handle the ship

And left it tilted and then right

But the storm used its full power

To drown the ship, it was a tough fight


But they owned the ship, not the storm

And thus they succeeded in getting out of that mess

That feeling, that joy, that sense of pride

That amount of satisfaction was hard to express


And then the ship sailed and reached the shore

Of the new island, their final destination

But during this journey full of adventure

Their memories faded about their last station


The passengers departed ,waving goodbyes

And moved on to live their new lives

New world, new place, new people and new friends

Into a new pool of memories they had dived


But will they ever return to the island of dreams

And cherish the memories they had once made?

I hope they do and revisit the island

To relive all those moments so that they don’t fade.


5 thoughts on “Journey Of The Ship

  1. really very beautiful. I think this has become a default comment for your poems. It somewhat resembles the life of teens leaving behind loads of memories and adventure they undertook together.

    Liked by 1 person

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