Never believe you aren’t strong enough

Or a task given to you is tough

Think you’re the boldest and strongest of all

Who stands up again whenever he falls


Never think you can’t bloom in a lawn with prettier flowers

Or stand against people with much more powers

Remember you’re unique on this boundless land

A flower which can bloom in the desert sand


Never let anyone control your brain

Or strongly influence your endless thoughts train

You are the owner of your heart, your mind

The path you need to walk, you have to find


Never let anybody steal your happiness

Or fill your heart with heaps of sadness

You’re the master of your boat of emotions

Don’t let it go in any other ocean


Never hide the truth and get lost in the noise

Or hide behind others when the world needs your voice

Always stand up when you know it isn’t right

And fight for the truth until everything is alright.


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