Knock Knock Knock


Knock Knock Knock!

What time does it show on the clock?

Is it the time to pursue my goals?

Or still keep waiting until I get old.

Should I finally get out of the closed doors?

Or sit back home and learn the daily chores.

Is this the time when I should follow my dreams?

Or should i get scared from those past screams.

And maybe I should strictly just return by eight!

Because it isn’t allowed for me to stay late.

Knock Knock Knock!

Wake up girls, how long will the society lie

If you really decide that you’re meant to fly.

So break the barriers and shine like a star

Prove them wrong and show them what you are.



4 thoughts on “Knock Knock Knock

  1. Amazing, that was. I generally find people writing about garden rose and the butterflies but now here’s someone writing about the real deal stuff

    Liked by 1 person

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