Two Friends 

Two bowls to eat, with a single spoon 
Two planets to see, with a single moon 

Two paths to walk, with a single goal 
Two bodies to nurture with a single soul 

Two different sentiments, with that same feel 
Two different agreements, but a single deal 

Two distinct emotions, in that same heart 
Two beautiful souls that’ll never be apart 

This is the amiable relationship
That they call as friendship. 




Never believe you aren’t strong enough

Or a task given to you is tough

Think you’re the boldest and strongest of all

Who stands up again whenever he falls


Never think you can’t bloom in a lawn with prettier flowers

Or stand against people with much more powers

Remember you’re unique on this boundless land

A flower which can bloom in the desert sand


Never let anyone control your brain

Or strongly influence your endless thoughts train

You are the owner of your heart, your mind

The path you need to walk, you have to find


Never let anybody steal your happiness

Or fill your heart with heaps of sadness

You’re the master of your boat of emotions

Don’t let it go in any other ocean


Never hide the truth and get lost in the noise

Or hide behind others when the world needs your voice

Always stand up when you know it isn’t right

And fight for the truth until everything is alright.

In The Lap Of Nature

Beautiful Nature Photography Wallpaper Wide Awesome -

 I walk among the leafy trees

And see them flowing in the breeze

They teach me to do good deeds

Even if the world destroy you for its needs


I see those little birds chirping around

And listen to their merry sound

They inspire me to fly high and aim for the stars

No matter how small you are


Look at that sun shining bright

Giving out its luminous light

It says spread your knowledge as much as you can

And make sure it reaches each and every man


I see that mountain standing there

Full of confidence, having no fear

It teaches me to be fearless and to fight for your rights

Never lose hope, you’ll surely reach dizzy heights


Down the mountain flows the eternal river

Overcoming every obstacle just look at her endeavors

She says the world doesn’t serves everything on a platter

Go on, work hard because every second matters


I see these parts of nature around me

Who pray for me, who care for me

And I learn that, whatever nature gives you take it with a smile

Learning good things from it will help you to walk happily for miles

Journey Of The Ship


And the ship sailed off with tears of joy

And off it went from the island of dreams

The vast sea ahead opened its arms

And welcomed it as the morning sun beams


The passengers rejoiced, laughed and smiled

They excitedly planned their journey ahead

But I wonder if they knew, the island behind

It’s charm, it’s beauty they’ll hardly forget


And ship sailed on, on and on

Into the deepness of the vast sea

But journey wasn’t ready to be so easy

What was waiting ahead, was as hard as it could be


And then the ship entered the dark storm

Surrounded by those clouds, that thunder, that lightening

Then that heavy downpour and those large waves

All of it was very very frightening


The ship moved up, then down and up

Completely influenced by those large waves

It was then the passengers took the wheel

They were the masters not the slaves


And whoa! They tried to handle the ship

And left it tilted and then right

But the storm used its full power

To drown the ship, it was a tough fight


But they owned the ship, not the storm

And thus they succeeded in getting out of that mess

That feeling, that joy, that sense of pride

That amount of satisfaction was hard to express


And then the ship sailed and reached the shore

Of the new island, their final destination

But during this journey full of adventure

Their memories faded about their last station


The passengers departed ,waving goodbyes

And moved on to live their new lives

New world, new place, new people and new friends

Into a new pool of memories they had dived


But will they ever return to the island of dreams

And cherish the memories they had once made?

I hope they do and revisit the island

To relive all those moments so that they don’t fade.

Growing Up


We entered this world crying in our mother’s arms unaware about what the future has planned for us. People say that time flies like anything when you’re having fun. Yes, it did. So here are my words I wrote around two years ago about it —

Fourteen years back I was an innocent little girl

Unaware of the world, but curious to learn

Laughing and crying in my mother’s lap

Marching forward in life and tracing its map


Twelve years back, I was a naughty young girl

Observing the world new things I would learn

At that point of time, I knew nothing but fun

Running, jumping and playing in the sun


Ten years back, my life moved on

Four years had passed since I was born

Time had come to go to school

To get my books and all my new tools


Six years back, school became more serious

The thirst for knowledge made me more curious

Tests and home-works were now a part of me

My coming future I was eager to see


And now I am a fourteen-year-old student

Ready to take challenges, standing proud and confident

Understanding this world with more clarity now

Trying to figure out things and asking what, why and how


Years have passed but there are more good things to come

All the hurdles and obstacles I’m ready to overcome

I hope I’ll be a successful woman ahead

Touching the sky of victory and flying like a jet.

I’ve Become An Orphan

african orphan

Ever wondered how is the life of an orphan? A little child who has lost his everything. How would he survive? How would he get the love he deserves?! Here is the ocean of emotions of an orphan child —

The world seems darker to me every day

I still wonder for which mistake I’ve to pay

Lost are the days of happiness, the days of joys

The days I had my parents and I used to enjoy

Why do I feel a surge of anxiety?

Why have I started hating almighty?

I know the reason behind this aversion

I know the answers to these questions

Because I’ve become an orphan standing all alone

Wandering through streets in search of a new home


The gentle drops of rain seems harsh to me

The soft blowing breeze seems brutal to me

The chirping of birds has become a noise

My heart, my soul can’t hear my inner voice

I feel like the land where seeds were never sown

I feel like the music with a monotonous tone

Because I’ve become an orphan standing all alone

Wandering through streets in search of a new home


The path of my life has changed its direction

I think I’ll get lost if I don’t pay attention

I may fall down and I may get injured

But there is no one now to take me forward

I still have to move on even if I stumble

I still have to go on there is no point to grumble

Because I’ve become an orphan standing all alone

Wandering through streets in search of a new home


But now I’ve realized that past was a history

And I need to move to discover the life’s mystery

There is a silver lining even in worst situations

You just need to find it out with determination

No matter I’ve no support, No matter I’m alone

I’ll still be moving on; I’ll still be climbing on

Because no matter I am an orphan standing all alone

I’ll wander through the streets and find a new home.

The Bride


When a girl gets married she enters a completely new life.  A new family, a new home and a new adventure in her journey of life begins. Here are the feelings of a newly wed bride —

There goes the bride waving a goodbye

With her prince charming as she passes by


Leaving behind her friends, her family, her past life

She now enters the world, a new life as a wife


Carrying her belongings and memories by her side

She smiles at her soul-mate standing beside


She hopes he’ll forever hold her hands

And vanish her sadness with a magic wand


No more of her mom’s lecture she’ll get to hear

She thinks about her memories with a smile and tears


No more fights with her brother she’ll have to face

She relives all those moments in her memory case


No more of wandering and spending time alone

There always be someone waiting at home


No more of loneliness, no more of fear

He’ll always be there to wipe way her tears


And the call from future pushes her ahead

She packs her memories that once she had made


Hoping he’ll be the one who will always make her smile

She prays that they would go on happily for miles.



Books are definitely not just a few bundle of pages bound together with something scribbled on them. Rather, they are a blessing to us. They’ll always be my first love and here are my feelings towards them —

You came into my life when I first entered the school

A new chapter begun, you were my new tool


Soon you became my best friend forever

Because you never left my side, Nah! Never!


Day and night I spent my time with you

If I were a leaf, you were my morning dew


As the journey continued, you grew up along with me

From that picture book, you turned into a novel I could see


You introduced my life to a wonderful golden door

That took me to a place I’ve never been before


When this dynamic world made me believe I’ll lose you

I realized it soon that no one can replace you


Because you were the star that shone brightest in the sky

If we lived together then together we’d die.